AcceleWrite: Configure Real-Time File Optimization

To access:

From the Individual Tools pane, click Maximize Performance and then click Start next to Configure Real-Time File Optimization.

What it does:

AcceleWrite optimizes file storage as it occurs to keep your PC performing optimally.

Why use it:

Typical disk defragmentation tools are only able to react to file fragmentation after it has happened.  This means that PC performance must suffer before it can be recovered by a defragmentation tool.


AcceleWrite's technology optimizes the way information is written to your hard drive, minimizing fragmentation and resulting in better, more stable performance.


The first screen describes the functionality and benefits of the tool, then you decide whether to enable or disable the AcceleWrite service.

Enabling AcceleWrite

To enable AcceleWrite, click Turn on AcceleWrite.

Disabling AcceleWrite

To disable AcceleWrite,

  1. Click Turn off AcceleWrite.

  2. Click Yes on the confirmation window.



When you are finished, click Exit to close the wizard.